Long Term Maintenance

Reason - Hacked Platform

As many of you knows our platform X'thWorld got hacked recently, twice. It is really unfortunate. As our program was just started to pick up speed, as more registered Governors started to come back daily, as everything just started to seem like it will start to really grow - our platform got hacked. We managed to restore data and return back online after many hours of fixing issues and potential leeks of our script, we where almost convinced that we are clear we got hacked again by the same hacker.
We had a long discussion in our team and unfortunately we have made a decision to take program offline for long term maintenance. We just can not bring platform back to full until we are 100% sure that there are no more loopholes left.
We have decided to take in offline to our test server and reconstruct it as simple check will not do justice in this case. We have to change all the code that could lead to another attack. Now this can take months to complete and we understand how you all feel, because we feel the same. It was our grand creation, there is nothing similar online at the moment and it is so unique and in-depth platform that we might sometimes even imagine that it might become the standard some day.
We are sure we will fix it and make it better, we will not only check it but improve code at the same time, but unfortunately there is no other way as to do it offline.
Now we are not sure when it will be completed, but we assume it will not be ready soon, at least few months. We have a database backup from few days before, before the hack, so all register Governors with their data is safe and once we are back everyone will be able to login back again with the same credentials so don't loose your mails that you have used to sign up to XthWorld.com

Nothing is lost until it is lost...

Deposits - Ask Refunds

As we estimate that this will take months to fix, we do not expect everyone just sitting around and waiting for us to come back, that's why we encourage everyone to ask for your investments to be refunded back to your wallets.
After we issue a refunds we will adjust Governors data accordingly and once we are back if you will still be willing to try us out you will be always welcomed to deposit again if you chose so.
To ask for a refunds just -
#1 Send us a request to [email protected] from an email you been registered with us
#2 Provide your BTC wallet address where we should send you your funds. Not a FoucetPay, but a real BTC wallet.
#3 Wait few days for us to calculate what we own you
#4 Get your refund to wallet address you specified
Please note that it can take few days for us to issue a refund as it requires time and we are very busy trying to put our platform back together at every free minute that we have.

Please be patient

For any questions please contact us at [email protected]

Sincerely X'thWorld Management