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Patch Notes V1.09

Greetings Governors.
1.09 Patch Notes.
Past days were very intense fixing existing small bugs and glitches. Most are removed/fixed, most of them are not visible to users. This delayed us from the new feature development plan. Soon we will get back to it.
Many Governors are asking us about the future of kingdom life once The Temple will be captured. Let us explain in more details:
Your current Kingdom is your Home kingdom, here you grow and establish relationships with other kingdom citizens. Once the initial power war has been finalized and kingdom leadership decided, it is the time when everyone settles down and starts looking into growing their own account. Building City, Completing research, Training plenty of troops, Improving commanders. Your home kingdom is like your own home. Once the Temple is captured a set of buffs will become available to speed up everyone's growth.
Capturing The Temple is the final home kingdom step, but it's nowhere close to finish, it is just the beginning.
Our platform is a kingdoms based game, that means - there will be many separate kingdoms fighting for glory. How strong will be your home kingdom will depend on all kingdom governors.
In future more events and stories will be introduced where alliances or the whole kingdoms will be competing with each other.
One of the main stories will be Kingdom versus Kingdom story. This will be a long term event where certain number of kingdoms will be matched together on a completely new map where they will fight for territory, resources and grand rewards. This new map will include new type of buildings, new type of territory mechanics, higher level barbarians and resource nodes, more villages and so on and on.
We have to note that everyone will have to wait a bit for this new KvK story as for this story a minimum of 4 fully established kingdoms are required. Fully established Kingdoms mean that they have captured The Temple.
We have already opened new kingdom #1,002 and newly registered Governors are already placed in this new kingdom. We will monitor if there are no issues with that and fix if some error exists.
We will try filling these new kingdoms as soon as possible. As soon as we fill new kingdom, we will open a new one. And the cycle continues until we have many kingdoms.

About your and other kingdoms.
There is no option to see the other kingdoms currently, in future we will implement a kingdom view option where it will be possible to view existing kingdom map in the same way you are viewing your own kingdom map but without an option to do anything there, just view.
All newly registered Governors without upline ( not referred ) are by default suggested to be placed in a newest kingdom, but they have an option to change kingdom number if they like.
All referred Governors are by default suggested to be placed in the same kingdom where referrer lives, but they can always change their final kingdom.
In summary: New members without upline most likely will be registered in the newest kingdom. All referred members most likely will be registered to referrers kingdom. If You want your kingdom to grow it is best to refer new members as, unless they change their destination kingdom, they will be registered in your current kingdom.
In the future we will introduce an option to migrate between kingdoms, that is to change your home kingdom. Final details are not yet finalized, once they are, we will update everyone regarding this.

If anyone has any suggestions about improving the game aspect please drop us a ticket, we are always waiting for your suggestions.

XthWorld Management
Kind regards

Posted: 49d 13h 55m 3s ago