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Stacks R.O.I.

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Choose X'th World Platform For A Stable And Reliable Secondary Income

Simple Steps To Register New Account

#1 Click Enter Game
#2 Fill few simple form fields - Please use real mail, this will be needed later.
#3 Select Destination Kingdom if recommended does not suite you and click Register

Note: Only one account allowed

Withdrawal Information

#1 Minimum withdraw is set to 1,000sat
#2 Withdrawals can be made every 24h

Withdrawals Are Instant

Referral Program Details

#1 Unlimited referrals can be invited by users
#2 Personally referred governors will be suggested to register in the same kingdom as You live. This will benefit all kingdom governors, including You.

Advertising On Our Platform

#1 Advertising is available on our platform
#2 Timer from 5 to 90 seconds
#3 Value from 1 to 100 satoshis
#4 Views per ad from 1,000 to 1,000,000
#5 Users will be able to view your advert once per server day

Unlimited amount of separate ads can be purchased

Depositing Funds details

#1 Accepted Options Payeer and FaucetPay
#2 All deposits in BTC currency only

Note: Once all confirmations received your deposits will be credited to users balance

What Stack Is

Stocks are units sold on platform that can be held for daily returns and monthly dividends or traded at our internal market.
#1 Hold Stacks For Daily R.O.I.
#2 Hold stacks for monthly dividends
#3 Trade stacks on internal market for quick profit
#4 We suggest holding stacks till all are sold for the price increase on the market

1,000,000 Stacks In System

Profiting from stacks explained

#1 Active stacks are the ones that are not placed for sale on market
#2 Every server day from 00:00h stacks holder will receive daily profit depending on the amount of active stacks
#3 R.O.I. depends on amount of stacks holders currently hold on daily basis

From 0.6% to 1.3% R.O.I.

Great Gaming Platform

Governors Currently - Making History.


Game Basics

Game Principle

What's the idea behind



What you can expect



Spenders vs Free To Play


Governor City


Why So Important



Researches - the way up


Rss Buildings

Resource buildings



Troops buildings




Creating new alliance


Join Existing

Joining established one



Alliance members



Alliance benefits


Kingdom Map


Kingdom Map


Map Zones

Different Map Zones


Map Regions

Regions Information



Game - Barbarians



Peaceful Villages


Gathering Rss

Collecting rss on map


Satoshis Nodes

Getting satoshis on map


Map Structures

Territorial structures


The Sanctuary

Main Region Structure


The Towers

Territory Owner


The Passes

Access Point Of Zones


The Temple

Why Temple is so important


Battle Power


Important to train troops



Superb power and abilities



Wide variety of buffs


Choose X'th World Platform For A Competitive And Fun Gaming Experience

Principle -


#1 Competitive environment
#2 Fun community experience
#3 Grinding is one of the fun aspects
#4 Endless wars for territory
#5 Who will become The King Of Your Kingdom
#6 Abundance of rewards while playing

Building a browser game was one of the most exciting things we done for this project. Long time we wanted to combine earning and game aspects. With this platform we believe we did just that. Many of you play some games in our free time, but have we drop playing after some time leaving all of our progress that costed so much time and efforts. Now if there would be a option to convert all of this spend time in to some income... We done this option for you here. Play, Compete, Fight and best of all Earn Income while doing so. The aim is to finally have some fun when earning online. Target is to build interesting and entertaining program that users enjoy spending time at, not just login to click few ads.

The New Look At Online Earnings

Expectations -


#1 Fun times
#2 Interacting with your new friends
#3 Build big community
#4 Free and honest platform

You as a Governor can expect to have best experience doing online activities. Our platform is designed to always involve users and have them something to do on our platform. Constant events, game achievements, different activities. With us you earn rewards for your time spend. The more activity the faster the progress for Governors.

More Activity - Better Results

PTW vs FTP -


#1 Grinding is the key
#2 Money just buying faster progress
#3 It is absolutely free and everything can be achieved without spending a dime

We carefully designed system so that everyone can reach the top, it is not required to spend anything, but your time only. The more time you'll spend grinding, the faster you reach same level as a spender will. We are not saying that everything is given on a plate, you will need to play the game, but there is not even one thing that can only be gained by spending. Everything is available for everyone.

Spending Or Grinding - You Decide

HeadQuarters -


#1 Main Base Building
#2 Levelling it up will unlock more marches queue
#3 Levelling it up will increase maximum march troop capacity
#4 Levelling it up will increase satoshis forge production speed

Head Quarters - Your main city building, that's where you host your guests and family members. Other governors will always look first at level of it to determine their view about your capabilities in war situation. The rest of buildings can not exceed HQ level so in order to progress in many cases Head Quarters will be needed to upgrade first. Progressing throw levels will unlock some hidden features.

Academy -


#1 Levelling it up will increase research speed
#2 Levelling it up will increase maximum alliance helps you can receive

Technology Center - crucial building for your progress. Hundreds of scientists are working hard in order to advance and be more competitive against the world. Try researching as soon as resources allow, this will jump you in front of others.

City Resource Buildings -


#1 Upgrading Buildings
#2 Training Troops
#3 Researching
#4 Forging satoshis
#5 Upgrading villages
And so much more...

There are many city buildings that needs to be upgraded. Troops need to be trained and everywhere you look resources are the main key for progress. City rss buildings will produce resources constantly, just don't forget to collect them.

Free Resources

Your Army -


#1 Higher Level will increase maximum troop training cap
#2 Higher Level will reduce resources required to train troops
#3 4 different troops training bases
#4 Building can not be upgraded while training troops

Training troops faster is the key, that's why it is important to upgrade troop base to higher level, it not only reduces troops training resources but increase training cap limit which is very important.

Being in the right alliance is the key to success

Create Alliance -


#1 Your own community
#2 Main game tasks can be achieved with alliance
#3 Receive helps to progress faster
#4 Receive resource assistance
#5 Capture kingdom structures

Can not find alliance that suites your personality? Create new - better then others - alliance and implement your own rules. By creating new alliance you automatically becoming your alliance leader

Building powerful alliance is the key to success

Join Alliance -


#1 Your own community
#2 Main game tasks can be achieved with alliance
#3 Receive helps to progress faster
#4 Receive resource assistance
#5 Capture kingdom structures
#6 Established alliance will put you steps ahead

Created by someone else, already established, fully ready for action. Join existing alliance and maybe you will find your new home. Join strong community that will help you grow faster and crush your enemies

Hustle Free

Alliance Members -


#1 Joining Rally's
#2 Your main crew
#3 The goal is rule the kingdom

Alliance members will become your second family, they are the ones that will help you in trouble and will help you defend against enemies

Benefits Of Alliance -


#1 Joined Events
#2 Activity Chests
#3 One For All And All For One

There are so many benefits being in an active alliance.. Gifts, helps, assistances and so on, you are not an army being alone, with alliance members together by your side you can achieve everything

It Is A Must

Kingdom -


#1 Teleport On The Map
#2 Battle Barbarians
#3 Occupy Territories
#4 Fight For Villages

Kingdom map is where it all happens. Governors who want to experience great battles or just want to gather resources have to teleport on to kingdom map. For that a teleport item is needed that can be gained via various free ways. Once on map Governors are able to battle barbarians, occupy structures with their alliance, gather resources and battle for villages

Fun Begins Here

Kingdom Map Zones -


#1 Anyone can teleport city anywhere in zone one
#2 Zones 2 and 3 have higher level barbarians and rss nodes
#3 To access higher zone adjacent passes occupation required
#4 Zones level increase towards the middle of the map

Kingdom map is constructed out of three zones. The Outer regions are zone one, next regions inwards are the zone two, the middle of the kingdom map is zone 3 or otherwise known as The Middle Earth.
Zones passes open depending on kingdom age. Once passes open and your alliance occupies adjacent pass, Governors can travel and teleport their cities to higher zone.
Only the strongest alliances will be capable to enter the Middle Earth zone. Fight for your life and crush all enemies that try to prevent your alliance from succeeding.

Higher Zone - Higher Barbarian And Nodes Level

Kingdom Map Regions -


#1 One Sanctuary In Each Region
#2 Main Structure Owner Is The Region Owner
#3 Complete Region Obeys Owner Alliance Rules
#4 17 Regions To Fight For

Each Region is like separate state with its own lows and government.
When on full kingdom map view - Regions can be seen fully. Each Big map block is separate region. Main region structure owner alliance can set gathering fees for all region participants.

Kingdom Inside The Kingdom

Barbarians -


#1 Game Element
#2 Attacking barbarians cost Action Points
#3 Barbarians drop game items.
#4 Higher barbarian levels are tougher to defeat, but they drop better items

Use free Action Points to defeat barbarians to gain free items that will help you progress much faster. Two different types are available, Barbarian Patrols that can be attacked by individual governor and Barbarian Forts that can be attacked only by organizing Rally attack with your alliance members.

AP recovers daily at 00:00h server time

Map Villages -


#1 Occupy villages for free resources
#2 Villages can generate one of the following rss type: Food, Wood, Stone, Gold, Gems and Satoshis
#3 To Occupy village, governors will have to defeat an army protecting it
#4 Villages can be upgraded by current owner
#5 Higher village level have stronger army defending it and produces more rss of assigned type

Villages are the biggest income source of resources for individual Governors, villages generate rss constantly depending on their level. Rss have to be collected constantly by owner.

Villages are the real answer

Gathering -


#1 Gather resources on kingdom map
#2 Food, Wood, Stone, Gold, Gems and Satoshis can be gathered
#3 Be advised that your gatherers can be attacked while gathering

City rss production will not be substantial to progress, the best way to gain abundance of resources is to gather them on kingdom map.
To gather resources just hover over resource node, click to start gathering, choose right commanders and troops -> click send. Make sure to send enough troops as each troop can carry particular amount of resources, send more to bring back more rss. Rss load data will be displayed when selecting commanders and troops.

Gather Millions Of Resources On KD Map

Satoshis Nodes -


#1 Gather Satoshis On Map
#2 Look for satoshis nodes on map, they are rare to come across
#3 Nodes refresh constantly, keep your eye open for them

One of the free ways to earn is just to farm satoshis on kingdom map, however you'll need to be fast as they are rare to come across and are snapped in an instance by other governors.

Just One Of Many Earnings

Map Structures -


#1 Occupy map structures to own territory and buffs
#2 Higher map zone structures are stronger.
#3 Alliance is required to rally map structures

Alliance that will occupy most or the right ones will have complete control of future of your kingdom. Act fast, the battle for structures will be bloody, make sure you are ready

Very Important Game Aspect

Main Region Structure -


#1 Occupy Sanctuary To Own Current Region.
#2 Occupying Alliance Can Appoint Region Mayor.
#3 Occupying Alliance Can Set Region Gathering Fees
#4 Gathering fees will be splitted between Mayor And Alliance Storage
#5 Occupying Alliance Members Receives Sanctuary Buffs

Region Sanctuary is the main region structure. Before Attacking any other Region Structure - alliance have to own Region Sanctuary
Structure first occupation rewards all participants with great game items.
Occupying structure adds maximum limit of members your alliance can have by +10.

Very Important Game Aspect

Inner Map Tower -


#1 Occupy map structures to own territory and buffs
#2 Higher map zone structures are stronger.
#3 Alliance is required to rally map structures

Towers represent the owner of the current kingdom map block where this Tower is placed. To attack Tower with your alliance members, Alliance must own current Region Main Structure.
Structure first occupation rewards all participants with great game items.
Occupying structure adds maximum limit of members your alliance can have ( limit cap increase provided at the structure information window ).

Territory Is The Key

Map Passes -


#1 Occupy map passes to enter different Regions and Zones
#2 To access zones 2 and 3 alliance needs to own zone passes
#3 Great efforts will be needed to Conquer Pass army

Only by occupying pass - alliance members can enter different map zones. Passes throw-out kingdom opens depending on your kingdom age.
In order to attack passes alliance need to own adjacent tower.

Territory Is The Key

The Great Temple -


#1 The middle earth stronghold
#2 Occupy and hold to be crowned The Kingdom Strongest
#3 Complete control of your kingdom

The Great Temple Is the most guarded structure in your kingdom. Alliance that will occupy and hold will have a lot of control over your kingdom. Owner alliance leader will be crowned as a King. King have a lot of power along with many responsibilities for his kingdom. Once the Temple is occupied, Kingdom buffs will be available that will benefit absolutely all governors in that kingdom.

Don't wait, grab it for your self and Rule The World

Your Army -


#1 4 different types: Infantry, Rangers, Ballistas and Robots
#2 Each type counters specific type, important to chose right troop for your task
#3 Robots have highest Rss Load Stat that just makes them best at gathering rss on map
#4 Higher troop tier have great advantage against lower tier troops

Training troops will consume resources. Higher troop tier requires more time to train. Army size is the real answer to complete dominance.
Countering troops do much more damage to its target:
- Infantry Counters Rangers
- Rangers Counters Ballistas
- Ballistas Counters Robots
- Robots Counters Infantry

Choose the right troops composition to perform better

Commanders -


#1 Commanders provide city with specific buff once added to city defenders list
#2 The higher commander class the better overall it is. Legendary is the highest class
#3 Each commander have specific skills set that makes them expert in a specific task.

One of the most important factor in any battle, using the right commanders is the key to victory. Commanders power increase with experience level, adding talents, adding stars, unlocking and increasing skill levels.

Basic, Advanced, Epic and Legendary

Buffs -


#1 Kingdom Buffs
#2 Civilization Buffs
#3 Commanders Buffs
#4 Buildings Buffs
#5 Temporary Buffs
#6 Alliance Buffs
#7 Sanctuary's Buffs
#8 The Temple Buffs
And so many more...

Variety powerful buffs like - Troop Training Speed, Research Speed, Building Speed, Attack, Defence, Health and plenty more are available from abundance of sources. Goal is to have as many of those as possible. Just by playing and being active you will gain many of them, just be active.

Buffs Is The Key, Have Most Of Them